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Setting up SFTP on an Amazon Windows 2008 EC2 Instance

september 11th, 2012

I wanted to be able to transfer files to an Windows 2008 EC2 instance, but I found the file transfer abilities in RDP to be a bit unreliable. I then started thinking about setting a SFTP server on the EC2 instance. I just wanted a light weight SFTP solution and therefor I chose to use Core FTP mini sftp server on the server side (EC2 instance) and WinSCP as the client.

The first step is to edit the security group in the EC2 management console to allow traffic on port 22, make sure that it is the same security group that your instance is using.

The second step is to edit the firewall settings in Windows 2008, open Server Manager -> Configuration -> Windows Firewall… -> Inbound rules -> New Rule. In the Wizard chose Port, TCP as protocol, Specific ports “22″, Allow the connection (for higher security study the IPsec configuration and user Allow the connection if it is secure), give the rule a name and finish the wizard.

Transfer the mini sftp server to the EC2 instance using RDP file transfer. Start the server and fill in username, password and root path, make sure the root path points to a directory where the System user have write and modify rights.

Use the public DNS as to connect with WinSCP to the mini sftp server, using the username and password specified in the previous step.

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